sunnuntai 26. elokuuta 2012

The beginning....

First i must say. My english sucks. but Ill try my best. It isnt my main language, so bare with me. So how all starts. 
My boring friends was mostly at sandboxes. So to meet them i did went whine about how boring they are because they ingnore me and love plain wood box. So i just sit there  and whine. They build and breath in paperbag same time. 
( Oh they do love me :P ) But one day i whine about how shame that they just build and put it inventory and nobody see those. So lights in my head says. WoW! Yes thats it!! Why MYSELF make it happend. So i rent place. Sim called Wheeler Rock. There i sit and wonder what buildings i have love what they build at sandbox. Well all finnish stuff. And the great idea comes. I show finnish habbits and stuff to rest world in second life.
And this was year 2010
Now i am this point. Sim has move another sim called Paradise of Memories. Sim has change shape of Finland at map. It is in LL destination guide and its popular. And i get questions a lot. So thats why i start to keep this blog. With here i will explain all the details on by one. Give me time. This ride will be most fun o/
Hugs by Dani

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