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Your first time at sim? Well you did arrive info point. What is old wind mill. We did have those long time ago in Finland. Not anymore. What a shame. At info point you can join group. NOTICE! At group you cant write ims. so sorry. :D But with that you can get info about new things.And you can write sims questbook.Go out and let place rez a while. Rez bike at bikerezzers and now we go to explore!! Hold on your hat because we ride fast o/
Turn left.....omg look out those bushes :S ?#!!## (sensor) Awww....we arrive at swamp at north section at sim. (spits leafes at throat) If its okey ill stand your back and explain about place. I dont want to meet that bear near by. So at north we have very dry areas and many swamp areas and hills. You may google how aurora borealis look like. Here you see many of those. Can we just carry on? :S
 Okey...lets back up litle bit.Small steps would be fine. Oh we are talking. Moonshine liquor factory. This we did have a lot long time ago at Finland. Maybe someone still do this *whistle* I have a plan. Lets do next like this. Ill stay here and you climp up in mountain to Lappland to see reindeers. I have done it several times and you seem to have young feet and you are so sport and fresh look like. I mean while watch fire and liquors :)))) (*punches your back)......Yes just go. It only look high. It s only half day walk. Have fun o/
I wonder why you carry bike with you :S I do raise hat for you for that. Well dont see it because im much lower than you and you are laying at ground and brathing deebly and fast. When you have get back to normal, raise up and you notice reindeers. Do sit at lean for while and relax by fire. Welcome to lappland. If you see santaclaus there say that i want new ipad. *takes one gulp at liquoir. Take your time.... ill wait you down below
You made it!! o/ Dont look me like that. It wasnt so horrible climp. (*dodges pine cone what you throws). Okey...get your point :). Lets go much easier and much warm place. Take your bike and lets go! This here is smokesauna. Its like sauna only not same. Confused? Im also :D I must google true story. Well it allways black by every walls. Thats for sure. Because wall is allways full of smoke. And thats because regular sauna has pipe in roof and smokesauna dosent have. All smoke goes inside. Normal sauna warm up in a hour and smokesauna about in 4 hours or more.We use it this in rl still a lot. Boughts ones. BUT nooo....dont do that. You cant go inside where there is smoke. Omg.....well...*tabs your back. Just cough all out :S Maybe we just sit a while at pier and carry on later.

Cows....arent they cute. Want a milk? Just sit black/white colored cows chair next by it and start to....umm....yes takes those things in hand and squeezed it :S YES take it to your hands and do it. Dont look so unsertain look to me :DD Just do it like Nike says. dont want to belive this. But in old times young couples did have ###  in hay barns. World wasnt so easy place at that time. And in summer they run naked in hayfields.Why? I dont want to tell you that story....belive me. Its better that you dont. Too much info may add more pain. Lets only say that finnish are a bit crazy :))) And dont you shake your head like that. Im finnish also :D
Haybarn and hayfield and all the naked finnish :S Lets look plain barn. Shall we :) So every summer we collect hays to barn for a winter so cows get food.That barn is a bit old and water comes into a barn. We may fix it later. I bring you tools and guide you to do it. Oh do it. Its finnish habbit that naibour helps :)
Carpet dock.....I love this place in summer. We still use it. In a warm wheater we carry our carpets to dock and wash it and same time we take sun. Lots of girls in bikinis ;) Hu ? Those mans at bushes....not sure. Bird watchers? :S

Capital of Finland is Helsinki and sims capital is also at right place. Welcome to sim harbour.At small cafe you can eat finnish sausage and pancakes and etc. I go sit in terrace and you can go get us icecreams. Money? I dont have, i think that you have. They take btw only euros. And if you dont have euros. In Finland you can pay your bills by washing dishes. Sounds like a plan?
(Looks watch*) Not bad. You wash dishes only a hour. Your great you know! *licks own icecream. Well this is great. Remember that cow? You know that you can take milk to bottles and brinck it here and thay take to to factory. Sounds fun? :) You did like that cow thing. That look in your face answers how much you did like it. Okey lets forget that :D
Mainhouse. Heart of sim <3 These all still excist at Finland and people still live in those. And outhouses are still in use at country side. Want a try? Okey....Ill wait...................................Omg!! :DDDD RUN FAST!!!!!! Sorrryyy i forget to mentation about bees. Run to lake and jump in water maybe you get get rid of those :S RUN!!!
(Gives iceback to you*) Try those maybe it helps smooth swelling things in your head. Look a farms cattle house. You know cows live in that.....okey okey no more cow things. But those do live in that (*whispers) Lets leave bikes here and short a litlle to beach area
Beach sauna :) Oh place in world. Ill take few aspen leafes with us and lets go to sauna.Well...let me explain. We go there , get naked  and then i hit you with these your back. YES! Its true. No no...its healty. We do it rl dont belive me. You must read it : 
I know you are confuse about aspen thing but know you must jump water naked. Its +18 :) Oh yes we are going (*bushes you to water)
Love it??? (*jumps with you )

Okey. I know it rough for first time. But you feel know fresh and clean. Dont you and you are now very sure that we are crazy :) So lets go to beach just lay down and melt all that info.

This place is great at evenings. At old empty barns finnish did keep dances like many another countrys. At the sim also we keep dances and finnish dj.s comes to play finnish music here. That info you will get only by group. So come to next partys.Lets get drunk and play second life :P
Like horses? Well this is your place then. No we dont squeezes this one :DDD No milk with this animal. It sims newest building.A bit unready still.

A bus stop but not ours stop. At sim truly comes bus sometimes. When? How knows it dosent goes by timeing. But many does sit here a wait it  and sometimes they get lucky. We shall dont stay. I can tell that last time it was here one month ago :S

This is our stop! A boat house and a boat. well because im guide and i have all maps and paper you sit on it and use padlles and ill sit and explain.We go to now Åland a island what belongs to Finland but people there speak swedish. We have about 250 kilometer to go so lets go. And dont give me that look this should be fun o/
Now we must speak swedish (*gives you towel to take sweat away.) Talar du svenska? I dont so we carry on by fast. You must take me to Russian border my home is there. Its a puplic place to explore like all things at sim are....please row on. 500 kilometers to go....
Home sweet home. Thank you being with me and explore sim with me. It was most fun. Isnt it??!! :)


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  1. Thank you Daniela, for letting me know about your new blog! It's great, I love it and your English is very good! I enjoyed your writing style.

    I will update my Finlandia blog post to include a link to your blog for future visitors.